World Wine Tour 2010

Kamary, Indie Wino
Kamary, Indie Wino
When I first heard about the World Wine Tour it was announced well before the recent tragedy in Haiti. I thought it important to share this post, just as I read it the first time it was written by Pri Anish Vag. Whether Haiti has been incorporated into their master plan, I don’t know.

How can a bottle of wine help the world? And how can the wine world come together, to change the lives of those in the greatest need? How can those in the wine industry really help the lives of those less fortunate?

In January of 2010 Anja Cheriakova and Georges Janssens will be starting a world wine charity tour. The pair will be visiting over 300 wineries around the globe, inviting them to donate a bottle of their best wine for the cause. Upon completion of their journey, which will include most wine growing regions of the world, they will hold an auction of the wines in the Napa Valley of California, donating all proceeds to charity. It will hope to raise 150, 000 USD.

To make this remarkable humanitarian project possible, the World Wine Tour 2010 project is seeking sponsorship, in return for marketing and exposure throughout the mission. The sponsors will be promoted through media broadcasts, and also directly through visits to wineries and other wine related businesses. For those interested in becoming a sponsor let me know.

The proceeds will support the Lao Rehabilitation Foundation Inc. (LRF). There the funds will go towards a special interest in education for children, by rebuilding a school in Simmano Village that was destroyed in 2008 by massive floods.

Average income per year in the destroyed schools village is estimated to be $16 US. LRF is one of the few foundations that works specifically in Laos to improve conditions there.

Aside from the sponsors to promote, the wineries to showcase, and the charity to raise funds for, the pair hope to motivate young people of their generation to combine their passions and dreams with humanitarian goals, which is what this world needs most.

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