Wine Time TV Webisode 1 feat. Sommelier James King

Well it’s that time again!  It’s always a bit scary when launching a new concept|pilot series.  The same old questions go through ones mind such as; Is it original?  Does it entertain?  Is there something to learn?  As the interviewer and producer, I for one learned a lot. However  that doesn’t really count. 🙂

This interview series featuring James King will be aired in several clips as it turned out to be much more work than expected.  There’s over 40 minutes of worthy watching which will be chopped in to bits of YouTube friendly 10 minute clips or so.  After this first showing of Wine Time, the way will be smoother for new episodes once knowing which studio sets, music and delivery styles work best.

So, as I figure out the best Wine Time TV experience and best presentation your patience, understanding and viewership is totally appreciated.  I’m sure I’ll find a pathway to satisfying the majority of Wine Time TV watchers.  Please drop some feedback in comments when the spirit moves you. Needless to say, haters need not bother.

*Music by Sir Charlie London – Amberland Remix

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