The Grape Skin Extract That Might Save Your Life

Kamary Phillips • Indie Wino

By Thomas Sinclair & Kamary Phillips

It’s no secret that grape skin extract contains an incredible anti-oxidant, called Resveratrol. So, it almost goes without saying, because it’s pretty logical, that its highest concentration is found in red wine. Now, with that in mind, there’s no more delectable way to get your daily “anti-oxidant dose” as in drinking a glass of red wine, right?! Well, maybe. Read on.

Okay, I know some of you are wondering what the hell an anti-oxidant is and what it’s good for. I know because I was just like you before I wrote this, LOL! So, for the record;

An antioxidant is a molecule capable of inhibiting the oxidation of other molecules.

And what good is all that, you might ask? Well, inhibiting molecules is essentially a way to influence good health and life longevity. That’s all. 🙂 The 60 MINUTES video below is a great watch, however focuses on a particular company pioneering this field.

Drinking red wine daily is a good thing. Yeah, sure–in moderation. There are a number of scientific and cultural studies supporting that frequent wine drinking (a glass a day) has positive health benefits. Europeans have known this for decades, with France leading the way statistically, in terms of healthy citizens. Wine drinking is an important part of the French culture and they have far fewer cases of heart disease and diabetes as the United States.

In our bodies, one of the bad proteins which causes atherosclerosis (heart disease) is called Endothelin-1. Scientific research has proven that consuming red wine stops this protein from developing, or reduces its presence if developed already. One particular study conducted with red wine consumption, saw that in 68% of participants there was a reduction in the development of that naughty Endothelin-1.

Grape Skins - Great Source Of Anti-Oxidants

Grape skins are filled to the brim with plant polyphenols and polyphenols are naturally produced by the grape to protect them from disease and this is what they do for us when they are consumed. Everything in moderation is the key, and only one glass a day should be consumed, although some will inevitably drink more. That’s a Wino for ya, ha! But if for some reason you are unable to drink red wine at all (and the point of living would be…?), it is available in supplement form.

Go ahead and watch the clip to learn far more than I can pass on in this article. At any rate, drink a glass of wine a day. What the hell, you’ve got nothing to lose and quite possibly more than just great taste and a good buzz to gain.

Wine on.

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