Tanya Melillo Interviews Top Chef’s Jamie Lauren

Though this piece doesn’t focus on Wine particularly, I felt the need to support it since the host of the clip is Tanya Melillo. You might remember her from the early days of Murphy-Goode Winery’s now infamous A REALLY GOODE JOB campaign, where she was in the Top 50 and for damn good reasons. Hell, I even pegged her in part 2 of my own three-part Top 10 Show as a big winner.

How wrong was I. Then again, the guy who actually won the dream job, Hardy Wallace, I’d only given an honorable mention. Doh! I guess I just didn’t ‘get’ his video.

So, have a look a Tanya Melillo’s interview with TOP CHEF’S Jamie Lauren. Thanks Tanya for the submission and keep up the great work!

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