Cheap Wines Reviewed – Viña Decana 2008 Crianza

As many of you know, I am the king of cheap wine! Ha ha! Yeah, how did I come to be so knowledgeable about wines under $20? That’s simple! I can’t afford wines that cost much more. I know there are many thousands of winos in similar financial situations and it’s you that are likely reading this blog, ha ha!

Today I’d like to start my talk about a few wines you can buy for under $8. Let’s start with the least expensive. The 1st up is a Spanish wine called, Viña Decana 2008 Crianza. I was impressed by this red Tempranillo. This red wine has fruity aromas of raspberry and chocolate. I would say that it’s not a heavy wine, rather it has a medium body with a crisp, fruity, dryness to it.

When I tried it, the price was $4.99 and that was towards the end of 2011. The wine has a 12.5% alcohol volume and most likely found in your imported wine selection. We had our bottle with a very nice roast beef. I’m quite sure this wine would pair well with a variety of different foods, so if you’re on a budget, go on and give it a try!

Good luck and wine on!

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