Bargain Basement Wines – Black Swan Rocks

Kamary Phillips • Indie Wino
From it’s stylish and cool black ‘synth’ cork and label, to it’s recyclable green-tinged bottle, this stylish wine from way down under is an absolute must try for Winos on a budget and those who know a good tasting Cab. Though young at 2009, it’s full body, rich colour and fruit forward berry-taste (raspberry) will leave you wanting another glass.

I’m very much a Wino on a budget and not ashamed to admit. Such is life. Such is my life. All the more reason that I can appreciate finding such a gem and on rare occasions. I’m quite certain this wine currently sells at RALPH’S for $4.99 for no other reason than the need to compete in our California wine market. It’s absolutely worth more. I would expect it to be between $12 and $15 under normal circumstances. Hey, I’m not complaining about the price, that’s for sure!

My only gripe with this grape is that it’s not local. Readers know how I’m a fan of supporting local markets, however as of late, local markets aren’t fans of supporting us poor folks. Whaddaya-gonna-do? Everybody’s got to eat, I know. And a Wino like me has got to drink. Responsibly and affordably of course. Speaking of chow, I paired it with a roast Chicken and Tortilla chips and had a solo Hulu night. Livin’ large!

“Grapes, Sun, Wind and a dash of Daring…” That’s Black Swan’s Cabernet. A damn good deal. I’ll be checking out the Chard when I’ve got another 5’er to spare.

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