Wine Time TV Webisode 7 feat. Tanya Melillo

It’s been a fun ride so far virtually hanging out with Foodie & Wino Tanya Melillo! This webisode of the 4 part series is by far the funniest. Tanya and I seem to be laughing the whole time about one thing or another. In this clip we learn what kind of man this attractive and single lady goes for as well as where to take her on a date. Tanya also reveals a brand new project which involves dinner with 5th generation winemaker Karl Wente.

*Music – Sir Charlie London’s “Enjoy – Forum De Luxe” Edit

Special thanks to Susanne and her friend Monika. Since living on the country in Hamburg Germany at present, internet speeds are of the stone age. Well, you get my point. A thrown rock would reach point B faster than a mouse click around here. Anyway, on occasion it’s necessary to drive the data to a neighboring town with faster internet in order to upload a 125MB file without any connection errors. Thanks again ladies!

Thanks for watching.
Kamary Phillips

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