Wine Time TV vs. Andy’s Goode Life Blog

What’s all the hubbub about you ask? Well, this terrific person (not me silly) and wonderful blogger has challenged me to a duel. Old school like!

We launched our blog projects around the same time and have decided to go at it head to head, basically on her terms. I’m pretty much along for the ride with the intention of kicking some royal X & 0 butt! So far, I’m doing just that. Have a look;

Visits are the numbers in question

Visits are the numbers in question here.
Visits are the numbers in question here.

At present we’re looking at the month of August and as you can see, over 1600 visits to the blog in that time. Want to see how Andy’s doing? Of course you do!

Since I’m moving over the next few days I won’t be terribly active however I’ll be keeping an eye on how Andy’s Goode Life Blog is doing in our little race. Funny, I can’t even remember what the winner gets here! Got some thoughts? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading!

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