It’s Not Always Glamorous

Sommelier Jodi Fritch
I remember when I first developed an interest in wine and food pairing . . . my husband at the time (he’s my ex now), said to me one day, “Jodi, every meal doesn’t need to be an event.” I must have stared at him as if he had sprouted antennae on top of his head, because he never made that observation again.

In life, you have to live for the little moments and therefore, every meal has the potential to be an event. Every wine and food pairing can be special in some way.

Even though I love to cook, I do occasionally drift to the dark side of the grocery store . . . the frozen food aisle. Conveniently close to the grocery store wine aisle. I have found that the PF Chang Orange Peel Chicken is an almost perfect pairing with Cupcake Vineyards Riesling. This is tasty, affordable and more satisfying than any drive-thru disaster. This dish takes approximately 10 minutes to prepare and plate with very little intervention. Enough time to open the wine and get comfortable. Turn on some music. Light some candles. Do not turn on the television. Take the time to discover how this lively Riesling brings out all of the wonderful citrus flavors of the orange peel chicken and cuts through the sweet and spicy sauce. See, every meal can be an event.

Do you have a favorite and convenient food and wine pairing for those busy busy days? Leave a comment!

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