Writers Wanted

Wine writers, that is. As life often does, once again things are changing for me. I’ve got a major move coming up and will have to bare down and focus on making money for a few months, leaving me less time for the things I enjoy doing for fun and community; like WineTimeTV.net.

So, I’m looking for wine writers or people that would like to write about wine and wine culture. I would like to spend what little time I may have on promoting the site and virally marketing the content we’re creating around here. Also, continuing producing the webisodes when interesting people cross my path is high on my list of To-do’s. Meanwhile other inspired writers will be filling in the gaps with their own informative and entertaining takes on Wine and Wine Culture.


At present Wine Time TV.net is a very good visited site with 800-1200 folks popping in daily. It’s a great platform for anyone with something relevant to share and the door is open. Contact me here if you have something to offer. I’d love to hear from you!

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