Wine Time TV Episode Feat. James King On Schedule

Some of you know me within the WinoSpere from having produced a few webisodes of Murphy-Goode TV recently. You may also know that although no stranger to Content Production, I am a new generation wine drinker and I’m sharing my wine culture experiences with all who choose to journey with me so come on along! Welcome!

It’s been my sincerest intention as of late to hop on over to the Murphy-Goode TV Blog and give some closure to that whole experience. Not that it’s over but certainly on an open-ended hiatus. Good times.

Instead I’ve found myself inspired to expand on what I started as a result of participating in Murphy-Goode’s A REALLY GOOD JOB campaign. This here Wine Time TV business. Well, it’s more of a serious hobby that earns a little like no money. Good English, eh?

This next episode featuring an interesting wine professional named James King is the first of hopefully many cool interviews with real life wine Pros. If you can see yourself appearing on Wine Time TV don’t expect me to read your mind! Let me know! Drop a line at my email addy and tell me how wicked you are. I look forward to it.

I’ll be experimenting with initial shows trying to find my way and right style for the show. How to relate to as many folks as possible is the hardest thing of all. So, give me time to find your wavelength or let me know what it is. Otherwise, don’t hate. Participate.


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