A Year in the Life

Sommelier Jodi Fritch
Sommelier Jodi Fritch

One of the things that I love about wine is that there is always so  much to learn.

This passion for learning (some may say obsession) contributes to the rather extensive wine library that I keep at home.

As I was putting some notes together for a presentation I am giving, I  came across one of my favorite wine quotes.

“every single bottle represents a year in the life of  somewhere.” (Matt Skinner)

In addition to being an insightful statement about terroir (more about terroir another time), this statement echoes some of my feelings about tasting and appreciating wine.

1.  Be respectful of the juice

2.  Give credit to the effort that goes into producing every bottle.

and, most importantly …

3.  Slow down

Take the time to get to know your wine.  Smell the wine.  Really get  in there, and not just once.  Great wine will

change dramatically the  longer it is in your glass.  Put away the gadgetry (specifically the Vinturi and other similar aerators) and let the wine do  it’s thing on its own timeline.  Enjoy this experience.  It’s a new year, start it out just a bit slower and appreciate all the aromas in your glass of wine.

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